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Birmingham food shop

Find a genuine Oriental supermarket in Birmingham

Discover what Asia has to offer

With a helpful team and a wide range of authentic Oriental ingredients and produce, Taste the Orient aims to become your number one choice of Oriental supermarkets in the Birmingham area. Our range includes fresh products, dried spices, packaged snacks and more from across the continent.

We pride ourselves on offering a great range of high-quality products, and for a competitive price.

From authentic ramen noodles and Oriental treats to must-have spices for soups, we're confident that you'll find exactly what you need. Visit our shop on Bristol Road or contact our team today, and discover what Taste the Orient has to offer!

510 Bristol Road, Birmingham B29 6BD

outside a store
Opening hours

Monday - Sunday

09:00 - 21:00

117 - 119 Vicar


Leeds LS1 6PJ

leeds shop front

219 Glossop Rd, Sheffield

S10 2GW


67 - 83 Cookridge Street,

Leeds LS2 3AW

Cookridge shop front

348 Oxford Road, Manchester

M13 9NG

Manchester hero

21 Blenhiem Terrace,

Leeds LS2 9HJ

Blenheim Terrace

64 - 68 Clayton St,




Why not visit one of our other branches? Find Taste the Orient in:

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Looking for a reputable Oriental supermarket in Birmingham? Visit Taste the Orient on Bristol Road, or call our team on 0113 243 0500

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